Looking for a UK Illusionist?

Well, if you are looking for an illusionist that uses cheesy music; or an illusionist with obvious illusions; or an illusionist with an old fashioned tight leather dress sense, or an illusionist with an assistant with an 80's hairstyle, or an illusionist with a fake tan... then please leave this site as your are not in the right place.

However, if you are looking for an illusionist with a fresh approach to the scene, who utilises the latest illusions, technology, current music and dresses professionally then please read on.

Illusionists and Quick Change Artists Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie are well known for their very successful Quick Change Act, however clients sometimes require a longer show. Illusionist Keelan Leyser, and Charlotte can provide corporate clients with an illusion show that encompasses the latest Illusions to compliment their Quick Change Show.

The Illusionists have performed their illusion show in over 30 countries and very regularly perform this full show on some of the most luxury of Cruise Liners. If you are looking for a top end show for your special corporate event then you need to look no further than the undefeated British Magic Champions 2007-2008. There is not an act like theirs in the world, that has the full combination of Magic Illusion, Quick Costume Change , Video Technology and Dance.


To watch the Illusionists in action then click here